For the next 3 weeks, 50% of all True State sales will go to the benefit of amputee relief organization Steps of Faith.

In 2017, I had the honor of meeting Billy Brimblecom, the Executive Director at Steps of Faith, a non-profit organization that assists amputees with obtaining prosthetics they otherwise couldn't afford. At the time, I was the Founder & CEO of an American-made watch company named NIALL and was asked by a mutual friend if we would be willing to donate a custom made watch to Billy Brimblecom in honor of the inaugural Thundergong benefit concert. Hosted by Jason Sudeikis and friends, the event was a major success for all parties involved and solidified Steps of Faith's path to success and sustainability.

Unfortunately, for NIALL, the entrepreneurial journey came to an abrupt halt in May of 2018 with the closure of the business and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Having to abandon a vision of bringing precision manufacturing back to America, I faced some of the most difficult and trying times of my life.

After the Kansas City Business Journal used my face as the cover story for NIALL's failure, I got an unexpected phone call from Billy. Initially, Billy's call seemed unimportant and just an expression of sympathy, but later would prove to be an act of kindness that a young entrepreneur who just lost everything really needed to hear.

"It's all going to be ok. You're going to be ok. I know you will use this time in your life as motivation to come back stronger and smarter than ever my friend." Billy proclaimed.

Fast forward to 2020 and I managed to do as Billy prophesied. Bringing my manufacturing expertise to the production of hemp-derived products and working in collaboration with my wife Lillian Wilson, PharmD on the formulation of CBD products of the highest efficacy, we built True State in way that learned from the failures of my past.

Prior to True State, I would have never believed I could get past my failures and never believed that I would start a company ever again. However, Billy's faith in me as a person was a small seed that grew into a level of confidence that helped me get back in the game. Billy's phone call helped me understand that sometimes the one of the most powerful things a human in need can receive is a little bit of faith.

While my journey the last two years was nothing short of soul-crushing, I have come to understand it was nothing compared to the journey an individual who loses a limb experiences. The amputees that Steps of Faith so graciously helps are men and women who are having to endure some of the biggest challenges life can deliver - both mentally and physically. Amputees do not enter their situation by choice, it is thrust upon them as they are forced to endure each and every day with a level of adversity that someone like myself could never fully understand. 

I can't help but to appreciate the fact that the same human being that helps thousands of men and women through their darkest times was willing to extend his kindness to me. Which is why I am here today to announce a bold and unprecedented promotion at True State to help the human being and organization that helped me.

From November 15th - December 5th, 2020, 50% of all sales at will go to benefit Steps of Faith. 

No discount code needed. No special webpage. All products are eligible. Simply purchase any True State product and we will donate 50% of the sale price to Steps of Faith on December 11, 2020.
Many of those who I have spoken with have said we are crazy for such a bold promotion. 50% is too much they said. Who in their right mind would offer 50% of revenue to a non-profit they said. While many will continue to think this, I hope we can all take a step back and appreciate the obstacles Steps of Faith is navigating while trying to raise money, for those in need, in the midst of a global pandemic.  We, at True State, believe in giving back and would like to encourage all of you to join us in our pursuit to help an incredible organization operated by an incredible human being. We look forward to sharing in your support and appreciate each and everyone one of you.

Michael Wilson
Founder & CEO at True State

More about Steps of Faith

“With the help of our Steps of Faith donors, we are able to remove the physical limitations that amputees face, empowering them to focus on overcoming new challenges.” 

~ Billy Brimblecom, Jr.  |  Executive Director at Steps of Faith

Beyond living life with a disability, the financial burden for an amputee can be extraordinary.

Prosthetic limbs range from $10,000 to $100,000, so without health insurance, coming up with this amount of money can seem inconceivable. There are hundreds of simple, daily tasks the average person takes for granted, such as walking up stairs, riding a bike, or simply walking across the room. An amputee knows that even with superhuman strength or years of practice, those tasks can still be impossible without the right prosthetic fit and function. The unfortunate reality is that many amputees often don't have health insurance and the financial coverage provided by insurance companies is often not enough to cover the high cost of prosthetic needs. That’s where Steps of Faith can help.

For more information on Steps of Faith, please visit