Hemp - a plant that can feed you, clothe you, house you and heal you.

For the past several decades a push for the integration of hemp in our every day lives has been driven by thought leaders across a wide variety of industries. Naturally, these thought leaders have taken their research and experience to platforms like TED and TEDx talks. In the spirit of sharing the stories of those pioneers that paved the way for companies like ours, Cameron Sims of TedX Auckland shares his knowledge on the uses of hemp and why it is a crop that should be respected not feared. 

Video Description (via YouTube)
Why is something as useful as hemp so underutilized in so many developed countries? How can we use this “companion plant” to benefit society? Founder of the hemp seed food product company, Plant Culture, Cameron Sims explores these questions, detailing the history of hemp prohibition, and how this has held society back from being more sustainable. Cameron lists the many benefits and uses of hemp, from eating it for breakfast to building environmentally friendly houses, showing us how we can begin harnessing the power of hemp pragmatically in order to improve our own lives and the world around us. Cameron Sims believes the simple ingredient hemp, is the key to changing the world and helping humanity become more sustainable. As a Kiwi raised on a sheep and beef farm, he became New Zealand’s first hemp-based chef.

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Article credit : TedX Talks: Hemp: Food for life | Cameron Sims | TEDxAuckland