Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Certificates of analysis are important to the transparency of our growing industry. True State works with highly-reputable, 3rd party testing laboratories to test, quantify and validate the contents of our products. For any additional questions about True State's products please call us at +1 (833) 432-0029 or email us at support@findyourtruestate.com.

See below for a full list of current products and their respective Certificates of Analysis.

ProductSKULast Updated:PDF
Hemp Protein Powder2301October 27, 2020View / Download
Hemp Hearts2302October 18, 2020Pending
Hemp Heart Oil2303October 18, 2020Pending
CBD Tincture (1,000mg)2401October 27, 2020View / Download
CBD Balm (1,000mg)2501October 27, 2020View / Download
CBD Tincture (Canine)2401-COctober 18, 2020Pending
Prairie Wine Hemp Flower2701October 27, 2020View / Download
Solstice Hemp Flower2702October 27, 2020View / Download
Hemp Flower Variety Pack2703October 18, 2020N/A

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