Our Company

In a global, digitally connected society, we believe exceptional customer service should be the standard.

With midwestern values embedded in our DNA, we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard. You could call us old-fashioned for believing our customers deserve exceptional service, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. Quality service is timeless and universal – which is why we encourage every customer to reach out, ask questions and give us the opportunity to share our passion.

We exclusively work with all natural ingredients cultivated by American farmers.

Behind every True State product is an American farmer who has invested countless hours cultivating and harvesting for the sole purpose of delivering each of us the natural ingredients we demand. With decades of experience and a steadfast commitment to organic cultivation practices, these family farms share in our vision for a cleaner, more transparent future that respects your health.

We believe in value. We believe our pricing should be fair and shouldn't break the bank.

Many of our competitors in the natural products industry don’t actually make their own products. A growing number of worldwide corporations use processors, distributors and co-packers to bring their products to market. Each step increases cost and, in turn, the product’s price. We applied the same values we placed on our end-products to the operations of our business – get as close as possible to a true state. That meant cutting out the middlemen and going directly to the source of our ingredients and goods. It is through integration and innovation that True State is able to offer some of the most aggressive pricing, concentration and quality in the industry.